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Not to be an attention seeker, but I just want everyone to know that I'll be leaving this account as Vacant. The reason is the because, my run on this website hasn't been very well  lol XD. I just don't have enough views or favorites and I really want my artwork to be well-known. Not trying to be famous or anything that's celebrities related. My artwork that I made in the past didn't met my expectations. some of them did and the rest well I wasn't proud of it. The challenge for me is keeping the same character hairstyle, body, clothes, and logo the exact same way like in a Cartoon Animation. I tried asking for help, but they didn't had a good answer for me :( I also ran to an old best friend named Zach, but whenever I tried commenting on his page on Youtube or Deviantart, he just ignores me and I even try to remind him that I was previous youtuber ''Sonicxsilver98'' and Scottythehedgehog'', but sadly he doesn't remember me one bit :( Not sure if he doesn;t remember me or somebody else took over. a.k.a is one of my inspiration to draw. My dream was to be as good as Hogger, but I failed :( 2012-Early 2013 had been a bad run for me on Deviantart as I accomplised nothing. I feel like no one doesn't reallly pay attention to my artwork no matter how hard I put my work on (Even if it;s a digital work that I worked for 3-4 hours. Anyway, As part of my departure I'm giving up all my characters and artwork right to a good friend name Richy. Scotty Violet, Dewey Marker, Brittany Ronalds, Rebecca Costner, Kaze Bolt, Damien and all of the characters(Including Mine and the Adoptables that were in my gallery are his now) I'm not deactivating this account. Hey, who knows. I might return ''One Day''as a better artist than ever. Well this is it. Goodbye my fellow deviants and it was nice knowing you. Take good care of my characters Richy. Me and Richy agreed to share his characters and my characters work. Farewell fellow deviants and remember don't let anyone put you down on your artwork and keep on practicing on your drawing no matter what :)

All of the characters (My characters and adoptables that I adopted) are now shared  by :iconRichy-The-Wolfplz:



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